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Disaster Recovery Plans

When a single second of downtime can mean a lost sale or customer, uptime means everything and a solid disaster recovery plan is crucial. Even with our basic hosting plans, we retain 7 days worth of your data on secure backup servers at all times. Should disaster strike, you can revert back to the last known working copy at any moment.

A good Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) is more than having backups and redundant servers in place. It's the procedures that are implemented should anything happen to your live server. Our technical staff is trained to swiftly bring systems back online in the event of a server outage or data loss.

hostingBlender offers customized solutions to fit the needs of your website or application. There are three main types of backup and recovery plans available:

Hot: A datacenter ready to bring your site back online within seconds or minutes.

Warm: A datacenter ready to bring your site back online within minutes or hours.

Cold: A datacenter ready to bring your site back online within hours or days.

hostingBlender also has customized syncing and cloud backup plans available. Please contact a support representative if you are interested in adding a DRP, syncing or a backup solution to your new order or existing account.

Advanced Spam Technnology

Our specially engineered email solutions protect you from spam.


Plans Available for Dedicated Hosting

Our Dedicated Hosting Plans are tailored to suit your individual or business needs.


Integrate Your Site with Google Apps

Google-ify your or existing hosting account with Google Apps!


Servers Configured for Popular Applications

Available for Wordpress, Magento, Joomla, Drupal and more!


Free Website Migration to hostingBlender

Need to move your website? Let us help! We will migrate your site to our servers, free of charge with little to zero downtime!


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